Kirsten prefers to write about events taken from real life. Most of her stories are adapted from her journal entries.

Her writing is preoccupied with one woman’s psychology, heart, gender, relationships, creative energy, and inner life. 

The five creative nonfiction short stories in this collection share a theme regarding the loss of innocence.

And they are all true.

“My 23rd Birthday and Other Stories” is printed by Full Circle Press in Northern California with a letterpress cover, inset with foil lettering. The binding is stitched. The book is 27 pages in total, and printed in the Cochin font.

From a limited edition print run of 150 copies, only. The book is available exclusively from Kirsten’s own imprint, Arabesque Press. Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved.

Click here to order your copy from Arabesque Press – book orders ship via USPS Priority Mail approximately once a week.

What readers of “My 23rd Birthday and Other Stories” are saying:

“Every story has been distilled to the perfect essence.” – S.S.

“Days after reading it I am still moved. Your expressions made the emotions so palpable.” ~W.M.